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Redefining Network Technology

About Our Trademarks

The Fortian name is a trademark that represents our specializations in specific areas of expertise. In particular, we specialize in two specific areas:

  • computer installation and repair, and maintenance of computers; and
  • installation of computer software; maintenance of computer software; consulting services in the field of design, selection, implementation and use of computer hardware and software systems for others, including performance tuning and custom programming services.

In other words, we’re experts in designing, deploying, and maintaining UNIX-based systems and IP networks, from start to finish.

During this process, we can deploy your software, create custom software solutions, integrate our software, maintain third-party components, choose the best hardware, design your data centers, deploy effective solutions, and optimize it all to best address your workload.

Our logo and our slogan are also trademarks of Fortian Inc. that serve to identify our offerings at a glance.

“Atmosphere Datacenter” and “Atmosphere AgNO3” are trademarks that identify our datacenter management products.

“Fortian‘s Real-Time Traffic Analyzer” and “RTTA” are trademarks that identify our network monitoring software.

“Fortian's Stackable NAS” is a trademark that identifies our modular managed Network Attached Storage device.

“Ops Control Panel” and “OCP” are trademarks for our network monitoring aggregation tool.

“Smart House CCD” is a trademark that identifies a component of our smart house and intelligent automation technologies.