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Redefining Network Technology

About Us

Fortian, a Maryland Small Business founded in 2003, is 100% employee owned and operated. We’re experts in embedded design, systems programming, UNIX and Linux system administration, and network engineering.

We’re SAM registered, with CAGE code 41DK2. All of our employees are U.S. citizens and have previously passed Position of Public Trust background checks (or better).

Fortian is also a co-recipient of DARPA Coin #1374 for our key contributions as part of the FCS C Team, and our senior engineers have personally received challenge coins for outstanding performance on multiple Department of Defense research projects.

Areas of Expertise

Our engineers all have extensive experience with:

  • Systems and embedded programming in a diverse set of languages
    Examples: C, C++, Perl, PHP, Intel and Microchip Assembly, Java, JavaScript, Rust, Shell/Bash
  • UNIX/Linux system administration
    Examples: AIX; FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD; Solaris, SunOS; CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, Slackware, Ubuntu
  • Network engineering, including in data centers and on enterprise networks, MANETs, and Tier–1 backbones with hundreds of thousands of interfaces
  • Steamfitted and industry standard tools, daemons, applications, and systems management interfaces

Our engineers are especially proficient with:

  • Data center design/installation: HVAC & power planning, systems specification, topology design, access control, field engineering, and disaster recovery
  • Automatic, repeatable, and scalable system deployment, in data centers, field sites, peering points, and testbeds
    Examples: Atmosphere Datacenter, cfengine, Jumpstart, Kickstart, rdist, rsync
  • Core system and network protocol infrastructure
    Examples: DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, Kerberos, LDAP, NTP, POP/POP3, RADIUS, SMTP, SNMP, SSH; secure/SSL/TLS variants as appropriate
  • Service & system application development, configuration, monitoring, and administration; continuity of operations (COOP), high availability (HA), scalability, reliability
    Examples: Apache HTTPD, FreeRADIUS, GPSD, iptables (plus ebtables, NetFilter), iPerf/Netperf, ISC BIND, ISC DHCPD, MRTG/RRDTool, MySQL/MariaDB, NAGIOS, NOCOL/SNIPS, NTPd (plus PTPd, TimeKeeper), OpenSNMP, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, OpenVPN, PostgreSQL, SELinux (plus AppArmor, auditd), Sendmail, SQLite, Tundra, ZeroK
  • Back-end, middleware, and front-end development for: dynamic websites; in-browser applications; data collection, warehousing, storage, analysis, and retrieval
  • Embedded, mobile, and wearable hardware, firmware, and software design; P/LI, telemetry, disconnected/reconnected operations
  • Virtualization, simulation, emulation, containerization, and automation
    Examples: chrooted applications, containers (plus namespaces, slices, zones); CORE, MGEN, RAPR, XMANE (plus EMANE, MANE); Amazon EC2 instances, KVM, VMWare, Xen; GNUPlot, MatLab, Octave, R, Scenario Daemon, SDT/SDT3D, World Wind
  • Ongoing maintenance, support, and improvement of existing customer platforms
Our Clients

We’ve provided our services to government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as to companies of every size across the private sector, from small to international.

Whether you’re local to our corporate headquarters in Laurel, MD, across the country, or across the world, we can provide our services in person or remotely. We’ve provided our rigorous testing services in deserts, office buildings, and across the Internet.

Some of our clients